Vishaal’s first field visit: “MVM residents ROCK…you really deserve a better neighbourhood”

Hello to all those following M{A}P’s process!

This past weekend I had my first venture into the field to conduct M{A}P interviews. I was so scared when I started my survey because I was doing this for the first time and was expecting very harsh replies like "Get out," "Don’t Disturb," and "I don’t have time". But I was completely wrong. People in MVM are very cooperative and very friendly. All were very patient and shared their views with us. They even offered us tea and coffee:) All I want to say is that MVM residents ROCK!! You people really deserve a better neighbourhood.

It feels good to be a part of this project.

Here is a pic of Maiya’s cash counter where I put up a poster publicizing M{A}P.

My First Day in the Field: Amazing!

Hi Everyone,

This is Aishwarya, and I’m one of the Research Assistants at M{A}P journeying through the neighborhood, interviewing residents and users of Malleswaram with our questionnaires. This past weekend was my first entry into MVM for the project, and it went really well. It was such a MOTIVATING experience. Initially, I thought people might just slam their doors in my face, thinking I’m disturbing them in the evening, but it was just the opposite. The residents of Malleswaram I came across throughout the weekend were so warm and welcoming. They treated me and my fellow RAs like their guests! We spoke to elderly people who have lived in Malleswaram ever since their birth. They had so many fascinating stories to share. We built such good rapport with the family members that at one house all the members sat with us to discuss over delicious, homemade coffee their perspectives on accessibility, mobility, and the social and cultural richness of the neighborhood. Quite a few of the survey participants came up with good suggestions and are interested in volunteering with M{A}P! On the whole, for the first two days of being in the field, I must say it was a good start!

Aishwarya Swamy

Exciting New Directions

I am really excited about this project. On one hand, it is a first for me at this scale and with working with the Karnataka Govt. On the other, Malleswaram is my home – where I was born and raised. My family and a lot of my childhood friends live there even now.

The team we have on board this project is super cool, smart and committed. I couldn’t have asked for more. If we are successful, we would be able to influence how Malleswaram looks, perhaps help retain some of its lovely old world charm and promote its current thinkers and doers be it in culture, activism, education or what have you.

This website will document our trials, successes and tribulations for posterity. My hope is that it becomes a resource for projects of this nature in the future.

Three cheers for DULT for partnering with and believing in us and this project!!!

Archana Prasad